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– A granddaughter’s tribute.

Azra is a granddaughter's tribute to her beautiful Nano. To the woman that showed me what unconditional love looks like. To the one that has always been my shield and my sword. To my protector, supporter and my biggest fan. To my nano, Azra Cheema. I love you.
Hope you love Azra as much as I do!
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Our Story

I grew up listening to many colourful stories from my nano. About lazy summer days. About friends and families and weddings and Eid. But especially about her love for Banaarsi sari’s and jewellery. She has always loved to dress up for special occasions and even for everyday ones.

I still remember all the delicious food she would make but most of all I remember her unconditional love for us. As I grew older, Nano would gift little trinkets of her jewellery to me. She loved to accessorise and insisted that every girl should. Dress up for you! Accessorise for you! Make it count because you matter. You deserve to feel special that is what I have learnt from her – that I matter.

She believes little things can lift your spirits and accessorising certainly did lift mine. I think I inherited my love for jewellery from her. To me it represents her resilient spirit and that is what in essence Azra is. A tribute to my Nano. To her love for jewellery and accessories and most of all to her love for us.

A bond that I shared with my nano, I now extend to you all. Azra Cheema, My Nano has played an integral part in getting this project off the ground. She handpicked items for the collection, the pink that is quintessentially feminine and everything that is Azra!

Azra is literally #Nanoapproved!


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